This driving course has been specially designed for beginners who have never had any formal training earlier or have forgotten it due to insufficient practice or other reasons. The course has been carefully crafted by experts to ensure the learner gets well versed with traffic rules; safety of self and other road users; basic knowledge of car mechanicals and maintenance, and, of course, driving. Moreover, since safety is paramount at Motorcraft Driving School, we have invested in a world class driving simulator on which the learners practice and come up the learning curve before moving on to the next level – driving on the road.

Day 1: Car demo
Duration: 30 minutes

Day 2–5: Theory classes
Duration: 60 minutes daily

Day 6–10: Simulator classes
Duration: 30 minutes daily

Day 11–20: On road practical driving classes
Duration: 60 minutes / 15 km daily (whichever is earlier)

Day 21: Test
Duration: 30 minutes

Upon successful completion, the learner is awarded the Maruti Driving School Certificate for the course.

INR 4,500/-

1) Minimum age limit: 18 years
2) Learner must apply and obtain the Learner’s License from their local Transport Authority before the practical classes start.

1) Three cars for practical training: Two Wagon Rs and an Alto.
2) Air-conditioned room for theory classes.
3) Five trainers for driving classes certified by Maruti Suzuki’s Institute of Driving & Traffic Research (IDTR).

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