Easy Service Procedure

Motorcraft has seven Maruti Suzuki service centers, which cater to more than six thousand cars a month! Each service center is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and has expert technicians. Also, all Motorcraft service centers are equipped to handle all kinds of service and repair work of your Maruti Suzuki.

Plus, our service procedure has been designed by keeping your convenience and satisfaction in mind. Our Easy Service Procedure comprises just five steps:

1. Appointment

Dial our central helpline number and we’ll connect you to your nearest Motorcraft service center. Or you may choose it yourself from the dropdown at the home page, and give us a call!

2. Arrival

You then bring your car to us or avail our free pick up and drop service.

3. Service Briefing

Upon reaching the entrance gate of the Motorcraft Service Center, the security guard will get your parked safely, and the Service Advisor would make the Job Card (things to be done in service/repair) and provide you with an estimate..

4. Service Commencement

Once you approve, the service begins while you wait in our comfortable lounge area or take our shuttle back to your home/office. If you choose to wait and see your car getting serviced, the priority code “CW” (Customer Waiting) is put on your Job Card for the technicians to know that your car has to be serviced on priority.

5. Delivery

Once the car is serviced, the Senior Technical Advisor takes a test drive to check if everything is up to the mark. Once satisfied, the car is given the final wash and handed over to the Service Advisor who delivers it to you but not before he has requested you to take a test drive and confirm if you’re satisfied! Yes, your satisfaction is our trophy.