Meet Our Service Team

Transparency: The Operative Word at Motorcraft!

Did you know that before we hand your car over to you, it goes through a number of checks for quality and workmanship? Most probably you didn’t, as no one told you about it till now.

But, at Motorcraft, we believe in absolute transparency and have always maintained that the customers should know what happens with their cars even when they’re not looking!

So we’ll bare it once and for all in one line for you: After your car is completely serviced and/or repaired (depending upon your requirement), it has to go through at least three checks / road tests including one known as Final Inspection where the official’s incentive itself is based upon the number of errors he’s able to find! We’re happy to share that he’s rarely able to make incentives – such is the quality of our workmanship!

Still, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel happy with the work done on your car, Motorcraft’s open door policy encourages you to walk up to our service center head with your grievance, and it shall be addressed to your satisfaction. As per your convenience, you may also choose to call or email them.

Our Service Team

Mr. Surendra Singh
VP Service (EC & Nexa Channel)