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At Motorcraft, We Care!

When it comes to life’s priorities, the majority of Indian families nowadays place buying a car immediately next to buying a house. Shares and other investments can wait. From a luxury and aspirational item, the automobile has become a necessity. In fact, the young entrepreneurs and executives prefer to live in a rented accommodation but don’t want to compromise on their choice of car! Convenience, independence, safety, and fun comprise the major factors in this change of psyche and priorities.

However, in all cases, a car purchase still carries a certain emotional value – and that’s something we truly understand and take care of at Motorcraft. Motorcraft has been into cars for over 28 years now, and consists of 916 team members spread across 11 sales and service locations in the National Capital Region. We pride ourselves in achieving high customer satisfaction levels in successfully serving over 51,741 (and counting!) customers till date, and we strive to continually exceed our customers’ expectations in serving them.

Our team comprises a bunch of highly passionate and talented individuals whose subject matter expertise is second to none, and each team member functions with Motorcraft’s core value in mind – Customer Satisfaction. Transparency is the operative word at Motorcraft, which ensures that nothing is hidden from our customers in all aspects of sales and service, thereby resulting in immense customer satisfaction.

Our Sales Team

Mr. Sanjay Tyagi
VP Sales